My story starts when I was 16 years old.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy - grand mal seizures. This absolutely turned my life upside down and often left me feeling overwhelmed in my day to day life. But I always pushed on and never gave up the fight for my health even though there were many hazy and dark moments.

Fast forward - fifteen years I got married and then pregnant Dec 2017. This was a very big turning point in my life as well as my journey with epilepsy. But thankfully she was born a perfect little girl. Epilepsy however did not stop there.

Many sleepless nights later as I suffered seizures. This stressed my family out even more.,considering the safety of our child. And so we were on the lookout for something to help change our story with Epilepsy permanently.

I came across the Epi Clinic while looking for something that could help treat my condition other than medication again.This is when I was introduced to energy healing. We then setup an appointment with Epiclinic and after many doubts, due to the alternative nature of the process, we took a leap of faith and signed up for the programme.

Ayesha was extremely supportive and eased our minds with unbelievable success stories while we attended the treatments.

The biggest change that has organically taken place throughout these 11 months of treatment besides having only one seizure since we started is my relationship with my body. I have come to realise how important it is to take care of one's health.

The Epi team have constantly given advice on how to optimise my health and ultimately stay seizure free. Not to mention the amazing self sacrificing dedication from the team and how they are constantly and compassionately healing people everyday backed by their unwavering belief in the methods they are using and of course the many amazing success stories and lives they have changed. My life has changed and my outlook to Naturopathy has undoubtedly shifted and I thank Epi Clinic from the very centre of my heart.